Our Renovation Services

Home remodeling relates to changing the structure, shape, or appearance of a house completely or partially for comfort, safety and style. As a residential construction company, the team at Ideas Construction works to achieve stylish home remodels.

There is nothing as a comfortable, nice and neat bathroom. With a little planning and our inspirational bathroom remodel ideas, your bathroom can go to the next level. If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom and turn it into a personal space within your own home, we can help with our experience in creating environments for master bathrooms and guest bathrooms.

New or Upgrades.

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, we make sure your requests are met. We understand how important life can be in the kitchen so we make sure when remodeling, you are set up with an upgrade you will never forget.

In Real Estate transactions, repairs and renovations are primary part of every transaction. Contact us, we have experience and can help you through this critical part of the house sell/purchase process.

After an inspection report is completed, seller must often make repairs to the house they are selling to make it more marketable and/or as part of the purchasing agreement.

Want to know an estimate for a renovation of the house you are buying? Want to know what changes may be done before entering a purchase agreement? We can help you estimate the future project for the house you will buy.

Improve or expand your living spaces with Ideas Construction, the go-to general contractor for quality room Addition projects. Whether it is a new room, a patio or sunroom, an extra bathroom, extending a kitchen or a master bedroom addition.

Interior and Exterior
We all know how the color of walls can either bring a room to life or destroy the atmosphere. Whether it’s the color of your home or the color of your rooms, we have the best paint and painters you will find.

Concrete driveways can be beautiful addition to your home. The wide variety of different colors and patterns to choose from can give your home a unique, one of a kind look. Stamped concrete driveways, patterned concrete driveways, colored concrete driveways, concrete driveway overlays, concrete driveway staining and dyes.

There’s nothing creepier than your neighbors being able to watch your every move. Or how about having to put a leash on your dog every morning to let them out? Getting a fence can help with these everyday trials and we have the perfect one for your needs.

Tile, Hardwood, Laminate, Carpet.

Thinking about new floors? When it’s time to remodel we have a variety of sharp looking flooring that fits everyone’s needs.