About Ideas Construction

Ideas Construction LLC is a North Carolina Licensed and Insured General Contractor focused in remodels, improvements, and additions.

Since 2015, we have been working for the construction industry, working in residential projects and investments.

Your Contractor of Choice

When the time comes to build your dream home, renovate your kitchen, update your bathroom or turn your basement into an income suite.

Andres Aragon with a black t-shirt of ideas construction in front of a construction site

Andres Aragon

Hello! I’m Andres Aragon, the manager at Ideas Construction: an entrepreneur, family man and runner.

I’m an Industrial Engineer and a Startup fan, with experience in marketing, interior design and construction industry.

My favorite phrase: “Everything can be done

  • 6 Years in the Construction Industry
  • Studies:
    • Industrial Engineering
    • Master in Science & Marketing
    • General Contractor
    • Real Estate Agent
  • Favorite Meal: Street Food
  • Best Drink: Gin Tonic
  • Ideal Holiday: All Inclusive Beach Resort
  • Hobbie: Cook

Our Values

We Work Hard

We only work with trusted allies

If we don't know, we ask

We only work in win-win relations

We are at your service

We enjoy what we do

"Be respectful and always be grateful to all those that contributed to whom you are today, that being family, mentors, partners, coworkers, strategic partners and most importantly clients"

How We Do It

The pre-construction is central to the success of every project. Our team assists you with the project feasibility factors, cost vs. design analysis and conceptual design study and evaluation.

We develop a thorough process starting with your goals, scope of the project, outline a strategy and assemble a dedicated team to get the project done in time and within budget.

We draft a real-time construction schedule that makes sense and facilitates the main objectives of the project.

This is not the most exciting of tasks, but we do it here at Ideas Construction to insure an on-time delivery of the project.

We maintain constant communication with the clients, design team and all parties involved at all times because we know that good communication leads to the success of the project.

Effective communication is vital to the overall success and completion of construction projects. Good communication can help lead to better project collaboration.

Lack of proper communication can result in issues that can cause delays in delivering projects.

Close management and supervision to all the stages of the project, ensuring the project is being built according to the plans and specifications.

Project inspections vary from job to job depending on the nature of the project. If City Inspection needs to take place, Ideas Construction is present to address any questions or coordinate any scopes necessary to insure the inspection goes smoothly and takes place as scheduled.

Problems and issues may always come up. The way they are handled is what matters. We immediately wrap our hands around the project, by focusing all of our resources on the issue in order to rectify it immediately. Whether working with the design team or our build team, the issue will be remedied efficiently and successfully.

Ideas Construction insures that the work in progress is under proper insurance and bonding coverage. Providing adequate insurance for the project adds to the surety of the job and so the owners can rest assured.

Licensed GC

When you choose Ideas Construction, a Residential General Contractor based in Charlotte, NC, you can be assured you are receiving high quality residential construction or renovation services. We work closely with our customers to ensure their construction needs are being met. We work hard to earn your trust. We always keep close communication with our clients throughout the process.

We manage your project and we hire highly-skilled craftsmen and subcontractors, while acting as your primary contact. We work with specialists for your plumbing, heating and air conditioning, painting, flooring or roofing, among other services.

As a general contractor we perform management and day-to-day supervision of a construction project, scheduling and managing all vendors, subcontractors, and the communication of information to all involved parties throughout the course of a construction project.

Our relationship with our clients is the most important. We work based on integrity, commitment and ethics.